Friday, September 16, 2011


Thirty one. My age. The only acceptable number of ice cream flavors. And the name of a rather unassuming yet totally amazing bed and breakfast in the heart of Dublin. It was completely by chance that I found this place (with a little help from TripAdvisor) and I have never been happier with a spontaneous hotel reservation.

The space was beautiful, bright, and perfectly appointed. It certainly soothed my designer soul with its flawless juxtapositions of rustic and refined, light and dark, old and new. Lovingly done, purposefully done, but not overdone. Oh, and Eames. Lots of Eames.

The property is made of two buildings and spans a distance between two parallel blocks. In between, a garden links them together. Some guest rooms are in the sunken seating (so cool) lobby/breakfast building, and others are a quick walk through the garden to an older and impressively renovated building.

The breakfast solarium can only be described as utterly divine. And the meal itself, "practically perfect in every way," as Mary Poppins would say. The staff is highly attentive in the most genuinely Irish way, helping with reservations, transportation, and local suggestions for things off the beaten path.

I would go back in a nanosecond and someday, I think we will. Until then, I hope someone that I know has the pleasure of the experience as well.

Check out Number 31 online.

breakfast solarium.

my first caption for this was, "damn, she blinked." no one thought that was funny.

sunken lobby lounge. how amazing it must be on a grey, blustery day with a warm, crackling fire.

the shadow says 30, I know, this is the entrance for the back building, where the number is different.

little bird egg ornaments also included.

peaceful and perfect.

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