Tuesday, June 8, 2010

arkitip + kapitza

Say that three time fast. Just kidding.

A couple weeks ago, I discovered Arkitip, a quarterly magazine that puts out limited-edition design and fine-art focused publications. The most recent one features art and photography by Serena Mitnik-Miller, an SF resident who just opened her own shop The General Store (which is so cute, I can't even tell you) and also works at/partly owns (maybe, I'm not sure about that) Mollusk Surf Shop just down the street. I find her work so very cool. These are from her magazine:

I also recently discovered a book from the type foundry Kapitza (thanks, Bethany!) that could keep you occupied for hours. Its pages are filled with designs using all their typefaces that are not made of letterforms but rather of geometric shapes. And the book comes with (yep, you guessed it) a whole CD of their typefaces, which makes the wait during its trip across the Atlantic and into my hands that much more worth it.

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