Tuesday, March 17, 2009

mimosa 09: the year of optimism

Designers and marketers are hoping to inject some optimism and reassurance into people’s lives during these hard economic times—with color.

Every December, PANTONE, the world’s color leader, chooses the color that will represent the upcoming year. Last month they announced that 2009 will be filled with color 14-0848, aka “Mimosa”.

Pantone-Mimosa "The color yellow exemplifies the warmth and nurturing quality of the sun, properties we as humans are naturally drawn to for reassurance," said PANTONE Color Institute executive director Leatrice Eiseman. “It is a hue that sparks imagination and innovation." Which is why, of course, it’s named after the cocktail.

Mimosa is also versatile. It coordinates with many other colors. It appeals to both men and women. And it can work in all types of design. So look for women’s accessories, home interiors and furnishings, active wear, and men’s shirts and ties in PANTONE 14-0848.

In addition to naming the upcoming year’s color, PANTONE also researches seasonal color pallets that will be used on the hottest runways across the world. Spring 2009 stays close to the intoxicating warmth of Mimosa.

Copy from http://www.shopperculture.com/shopper_culture/